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We stand for...

... Customer orientation

Our company policy is guided primarily by the requirements of our customers. We convince through a comprehensive product range in best quality, as well as tailor-made, innovative special products according to special customer requirements.

... Environment and sustainability

We use energy and raw materials as sparingly as possible and use them sensibly. Decisions on investments are also examined from the point of view of environmental compatibility. Technical and organisational procedures are regulary checked and further developed. In our environmental commitment, we take into account economic aspects as well as the expectations of our customers, employees and statements from our supliers.

We set ourselves verifiable targets for improving environmental protection.

The protection of people and the environment are intergral parts of our business activities, which is why we are committed to relevant standards such as UTZ for the sustainable cultivation of cocoa, RSPO for the sustainable cultivation of palm.

... Employee motivation and qualification

Our success depends especially on the satisfaction of our employees. Therefore, human resource management is a significant task of the management. One of the most important duties of the managers is to constantly develop the working conditions, the workplaces, the work environment and the organisation in such a way that the commitment and motivation of the employees are promoted and thus ultimately the quality and safety of the food is guaranteed.

... Employee health and safety

Two major priorities in addition to normal operations are the safety and health of employees. One principe of this policy is compliance with applicable internal and external standards in this context. This issue is part of the company´s management tasks in all areas and is the responsibility of the management, which actively support it.

... Ethics and human resource responsability

Our employees, who belong to different nationalities and ethnicities, are committed and conscientious, Emplyees are assigned to the different work areas according to their qualifications. We place great emphasis on preveting discrimination of any kind and are committed to equal treatment of all employees.