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You can trust in this...

... Food safety and legality

The company underlines the compliance with the quality we aim for, while considering food legislation, food safety (HACCP), certification standards (IFS), occupational safety, and environmental principes, as well as general and specific legislation and agreements made with customers.

We are commited to adhering to good hygiene practices, including the implementation of the hygiene regulation. In addition, we ensure that our products do not pose a risk to the end consumer with regard to possible contaminants (chemical, physical, microbiological, allergens, GMOs) as well as concerning legal requirements (food fraud). Likewise, appropriate food defence measures ensure safety for the site, product and people.

... Certifications and standards

Our commitment to safe products and sustainable world is also demonstrated by our certifications, which are regularty audited and recertified through internal and external audits. These include: IFS (standard recognized by GSFI), Rainforest Alliance (sustainable cultivation of cocoa), RSPO (sustainable cultivation of palm). Audits by customers and authorities confirm the suitability of our process.

The company´s management has appointed representatives or teams to ensure compliance with and monitoring of the various objectives. For the implementation of the measures, it provides appropriate means and resources.

All employees are encouraged to actively participate in the implementation of and compliance with these objectives and to support their further development.

... Continuous improvement

Through the continuous improvement of product quality, product safety, occupational safety and innovation in all areas of the company, we are constantly setting new standards. Our aim is not only to maintain the internal standards we have achieved so far, but to constantly work on ourselves to achieve new goals. Together with our customers, we break new ground and develop innovative solutions to existing challenges. Regular and detailed audits take place in all areas of the company to measure compliance with our regulations. Progress will be assessed on the basis of the objectives achieved compared to the criteria established. The implementation is monitored by responsible persons or representatives in the respectives areas. After a precise analysis, recommendations are made to the management to improve the performance, which ensures its implementation.