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Bakeline Coffee Bar Muffins: Premium taste for connoisseurs

Our premium muffins convince through the highest quality of the raw materials used:
free from palm oil
free from hydrogenated fats
free from colourings or additives that are subject to declaration
only natural flavours
barn eggs

Mixbox - test them now

Coffee Bar Muffin brochure

pdf download

Are you looking for something special? We will meet your wishes!

1. Weight

Between 45 and 140 g

2. Cup

Lotus cup

Individual design upon request

3. Batter

Various flavours

2-batters-in-1-muffin can be combined

4. Filling


Various baking-stable creams

Depending on size:  1-/3-/5-point fillings available

5. Glaze

Various flavours available

6. Decoration

Crumble - Fruits - Nuts - Chunks - Chocolate blossoms... 

What else are you looking for?

7. Verpackung

Tray - Private Label - Mixed boxes or customised carton sizes upon request

Our Coffee Bar Muffin range

Cheesecake Chocolate MuffinCheesecake Chocolate Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50209
135 g243.240 g81
Blueberry MuffinBlueberry Coffee Bar Muffin
with Crumble, filled
Art.-Nr.: 50210
135 g243.240 g81
Double Choc MuffinDouble Choc Coffee Bar Muffin
with Crunch, filled
Art.-Nr.: 50211
135 g243.240 g81
Cherry Twister MuffinCherry filled Twister Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50213
135 g243.240 g81
Blueberry Cheesecake MuffinBlueberry Cheesecake Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50296
135 g243.240 g81
Latte Macchiato MuffinLatte Macchiato Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50297
135 g243.240 g81
Double Cookie MuffinDouble Cookie Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50298
135 g243.240 g81
Cappuccino MuffinCappuccino filled Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50112
45 g602.700 g72
Cheesecake Mandarin MuffinCheesecake filled Mandarin Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50113
45 g602.700 g72
Coconut Double Choc MuffinCoconut filled Double Choc Coffee Bar Muffin

Art.-Nr.: 50114
45 g602.700 g72

Please contact us for more information