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RSPO certification for the sustainable production of palm oil

Bakeline shows its support for more ethical and sustainable palm oil production and is therefore committed to using palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Our objective is to ensure that the palm oil we use in our products comes from RSPO-certified sources. In this way we can trust that it has been produced in an audited environment that adheres to set criteria around working practices.

As a certified RSPO-member, we are audited at regular intervals to ensure our compliance with the RSPO-standards for sustainable palm oil use. For our RSPO-certified products, this commitment has also to be respected by our suppliers who are asked to deliver raw materials and ingredients with an appropriate RSPO-standard.

The use of RSPO-certified palmoil can thus ensure that the supply chain can be retraced and that their member work in accordance with ethical standards.