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Golden-yellow delight: Our fried pastries

Selected ingredients, fine and yeasty aroma, and a tasty golden-yellow colour - these are just some of the delights of our fried pastry.

Take a look at the huge variety of our fried delights

...and discover numerous possibilities to serve these products at different occasions.

As with all Bakeline products, our fried pastries meet the specific needs and requirements of professional users with regard to constantly high quality, excellent taste and appearance. 

Are you looking for something special?
We will meet your wishes!


Berliner: 48 - 78 g

Crullers: 17 - 58 g

Apple Swirls: 80 - 120 g


Berliner: Jam, Fruitfilling, Noisette, Vanilla, Straberry or Chocolate cream, ...

Swirls: Apple, Poppyseeds, Nuts


Various flavours, with / without stripes


Cinnamon-sugar, sugar, Neuschnee powder, chocolate flakes, chocolate curls, ...


Private Label
Customised carton sizes upon request

Selection from our range

Spritzring naturCruller plain

Art.-Nr.: 52204
55 g723.960 g44
with light glaze
Art.-Nr.: 52050
63 g724.530 g44
Berliner NeuschneeBerliner with fruitfilling
decorated with Neuschnee powder
Art.-Nr.: 52119
65 g724.680 g36
Berliner naturBerliner with plum filling
Art.-Nr.: 52104
65 g483.120 g48
Berliner mit NougatfüllungBerliner with Nougat filling
with glaze and Chocolate Curls
75 g725.400 g36
Berliner ZuckerglasurBerliner with white glaze
Art.-Nr.: 51009
78 g483.744 g48
ApfelberlinerApple Swirls
with fresh apples, with sugar
Art.-Nr.: 50300
80 g504.000 g52
ApfelberlinerApple Swirls
with fresh apples, with sugar
Art.-Nr.: 50301
90 g504.500 g52
ApfelberlinerApple Swirls
with fresh apples, with sugar
Art.-Nr.: 50305
120 g404.800 g52

Please contact us for more information