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Bakeline Donuts: Tasty, trendy, typically American!

With their perfect round shape and a huge variety of decorations, our donuts just look appetizing! Light, fluffy, tasty - simply irrestible.

Do you already know our Mini Donuts?

You can choose between a huge variety of Mini Cake Donuts, also available in mixed boxes. Upon request you can select your individual mix, too. Just contact us.
New in our donut range: Mini Donuts with creamy filling, either with chocolate-hazelnut filling or vanilla flavour. So delicious!

Donut brochure

pdf download

Are you looking for something special? We will meet your wishes!

1. Weight

Between 12 and 85 g

2. Batter

Yeast dough  //  Cake batter

3. Glaze

Various flavours available:

pink, cocoa fat glaze, light glaze

4. Decorations

Sugar, Cinnamon-Sugar, Neuschnee powder, chocolate chips, sugar confetti...

What else are you looking for?

5. Packaging

Mixed boxes for Mini Cake Donuts

Private Label

Customised carton sizes upon request

Selection from our donut range

Art.-Nr.: 56400
44 g482.112 g80
with sugar
Art.-Nr.: 56401
53 g482.544 g80
Donut ChocDonut Choc

Art.-Nr.: 56402
55 g482.640 g80
Donut naturYeast Donut XL
Art.-Nr.: 50500
70 g906.300 g28
Donut Vanilla FilledDonut Vanilla Filled
filling vanilla flavour 
Art.-Nr.: 56403
70 g483.360 g80
Donut Choc FilledDonut Chocolate Filled
creamy filling with nuts and chocolate 
Art.-Nr.: 56403
70 g483.360 g80
Mini Donut Zimt ZuckerMini Cake Donut
with cinnamon and sugar
Art.-Nr.: 50352
12 g1001.200 g168
Mini Donut SchokoMini Cake Donut
with cocoa fat glaze
Art.-Nr.: 50353
12 g1001.200 g168
Mini Donut pinkMini Cake Donut
with pink glaze 
Art.-Nr.: 50355
12 g1001.200 g168
Mini Donut hellMini Cake Donut
with light glaze
Art.-Nr.: 50354
12 g1001.200 g168
Mini Donut mit SchokostreuselnMini Cake Donut
with cocoa fat glaze and und white chocolate chips 
Art.-Nr.: 50355
12 g1001.200 g168
Mini Donuts MixMini Donuts Mixed Box
customised assortments
Mix of max. 3 variations per box
12 g3 x 501.800 g90
Mini Donut Choc filledMini Donut Chocolate Filled
creamy choc filling
dark glaze with sugar sprinkles
24 g1353.240 g80
Mini Donuts Vanille filledMini Donut Vanilla Filled
creamy filling vanilla flavour
light glaze with sugar sprinkles
24 g1353.240 g80

Please contact us for more information